Nick Rimedio honored at annual Chamber breakfast


The West Hollywood Chamber of Commerce honored its former chairman, Nick Rimedio, with the Ray Reynolds Award on Tuesday at the Andaz hotel. 

The award, presented by Athens Services,  celebrated Chamber members’ “collective courage, grit, and tenacity in the face of great diversity.”

Board President David Wood introduced Rimedio in his signature humorous style, detailing his rise in the hospitality industry and his landmark work opening the La Peer Hotel.

“Nick created magic,” Wood said. “The little hotel that could won multiple awards but, more importantly, the hearts and minds of international travelers and locals alike.”

“Serving as chair from 2018 to 2022, Nick coasted through the calm waters of hotel overregulation and a business-unfriendly City Council,” Wood said. “Nick rallied the hotel community and created the West Hollywood Hotel Council to fight for fair labor regulations when mandated minimum wage legislation threatened the health of the West Hollywood business community.”


Rimedio was grateful for the award.

“When I think about our community, I think about the businesses, the people who show up day in and day out, all of you,” Rimedio said. “And I think about what you invest in when you say we’re going to make something better. When the businesses work so hard to create jobs, when they work so hard to support their employees, when they work so hard to create experiences that bring people back time and time again to our great city, our two-mile city of West Hollywood. That’s what kept me inspired. That’s what keeps me going, and that’s what makes the city so great.”

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1 month ago

Wow, Mr Wood.
Your disapproval of a living wage for workers not in your class is showing.

Don't Judge a book . . .
Don't Judge a book . . .
1 month ago
Reply to  Joshua88

Joshua, probably born in 1988, he was not expressing a dislike for a living wage, just the incredibly unthoughtful way it was conceived (for hotels) and then applied to every business in West Hollywood.

Much like the “moo too” movement, do not presume every business owner is a toxic pig just like we know there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” dress, unless you are in Hawaii.

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