Here’s what the renovated Log Cabin will look like


Staff members are set to present an update on the architectural design development for the renovation of the historic Log Cabin located at 617-621 N. Robertson Boulevard in West Hollywood. The update is part of a council meeting where recommendations will be discussed regarding the renovation and expansion of the Log Cabin to enhance its function as a Recovery Services facility.

Key recommendations include receiving an update on the renovation efforts and directing staff to proceed with the design concept showcased in the detailed architectural renderings. The plan aims to address the needs of the West Hollywood recovery community, ensuring the facility meets modern health, safety, ADA, and historic preservation standards.

The renovation, supported by over $7.5 million in funding from the State of California and the City of West Hollywood, will feature expanded meeting spaces, upgraded utilities, ADA-compliant bathrooms, improved landscaping, and the addition of EV charging stations and solar panels. The Log Cabin serves as a crucial venue for recovery meetings, hosting over 4,500 gatherings annually.

Lehrer Architects LA, Inc. was selected to lead the design development phase, chosen for their expertise in historic preservation and alignment with the project’s requirements. The design development phase focuses on finalizing plans for the building’s structural and system upgrades while adhering to historic and ADA standards.

The project not only aims to enhance the Log Cabin’s facilities for recovery services but also contributes to broader community goals like homelessness prevention and the improvement of local infrastructure. The design incorporates energy-efficient and sustainable features, aligning with the city’s commitment to environmental responsibility.


Upon completion, the renovated Log Cabin will continue to serve as a vital resource for the recovery community in West Hollywood, reflecting the city’s dedication to supporting its residents and preserving its cultural heritage.

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Andrew Solomon
Andrew Solomon
1 month ago

Appreciate the design but feels like a missed opportunity to redesign the whole space and still use half the lot for a surface parking lot that’s available to anyone, not just log cabin users. The community has stated over and over again that they need more space.

Jim Nasium
Jim Nasium
1 month ago
Reply to  Andrew Solomon

Where does it say that parking is only for log cabin users????

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