WeHo launches Green Business Certification program


The City of West Hollywood announces the launch of its free Green Business Certification Program, which is one of the commitments in the City’s 2021 Climate Action and Adaptation Plan, WeHo Climate Action. The Plan outlines the City’s intended path to achieve carbon neutrality by 2035 and adapt to the impacts of a changing climate while centering equity and quality-of-life outcomes for the West Hollywood community.

The Green Business Certification Program will operate under guidelines established by the California Green Business Network (CAGBN), which connects approximately 50 California cities and counties to a statewide standard of criteria for businesses to achieve a Green Business Certification. In the state, more than 4,700 businesses have achieved CAGBN Green Business Certifications reducing 49.9 million kWh of electricity, 93.6 million gallons of water, 17.3 million pounds of materials from landfills, and 64.6 million pounds of greenhouse gas emissions.

Offering this program free of charge to West Hollywood businesses is one of a wide range of steps the City is taking toward attaining climate action goals. Each West Hollywood business that registers for the program can qualify to receive up to a $1,500 rebate to offset extra costs associated with implementing green measures. The City is working with local nonprofit organization Sustainable Works, which has administered green business programs for several Southern California cities since 2001. Sustainable Works will develop and administer the program. It has previously worked with the West Hollywood business community providing water efficiency and urban runoff prevention devices.

The Green Business Certification Program is designed to help businesses operate sustainably and receive public recognition for their efforts. Becoming a Certified Green Business requires implementing practices that reduce energy and water consumption, prevent pollution, divert waste from landfills, and assist businesses in creating a cleaner and healthier environment for their employees.

The City of West Hollywood’s Green Business Certification Program offers two certification tiers. Entry Level is an introductory certification for small businesses and Certification Level is for small or larger businesses, depending on capacity to make procurement changes and perform minor retrofits if needed. To achieve either level, businesses must implement a minimum number of measures in the areas of water and energy conservation, clean energy, waste reduction, pollution prevention, and sustainable transportation.


Green Business Certification is provided free of charge to West Hollywood businesses. Program coordinators provide step-by-step guidance to achieve criteria and connect businesses with resources and incentive programs available to help them go green.

For more information about the Green Business Certification Program and to register to participate, please visit go.weho.org/greenbusiness.    

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25 days ago

So many residents here act like they are so into this green agenda but yet at my apartment complex every time I go to the gym in the complex someone blasts the AC…they set it to 60 degrees. I guess go green as long as I don’t have to sacrifice. Like all the Hollywood liberals who fly in private jets but lecture us.

25 days ago

Proud to reside here.

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