Less public parking on Rosewood


West Hollywood is set to eliminate unpermitted street parking on the north side of Rosewood Avenue from Flores to Kings Road.

A ordinance before City Council tonight extends preferential parking regulations there to join the existing regulated areas between Sweetzer Avenue and Flores Street and between Orlando Avenue and Croft Avenue.

City Hall has confirmed that over 51% of residents living in the affected area on Rosewood Avenue signed a petition in favor of the preferential parking regulations. This threshold of community support is a requirement for the implementation of such parking measures, demonstrating significant local backing for the change.

Under the new ordinance, on-street parking on the specified segment of Rosewood Avenue will be restricted to vehicles with the appropriate permits from 7 P.M. to 7 A.M., seven days a week. 

Notices were sent to residents on the 8300 block of Rosewood Avenue, informing them of the petition’s success in meeting the required support and the pending Council approval for the implementation of the preferential parking regulations.


Following the Council’s approval, the ordinance will officially come into effect on May 16, 2024. Regulatory parking signs are slated to be posted by May 1, 2024, offering a two-week warning period to ensure residents and visitors are aware of the new parking restrictions. If signs are erected more than two weeks in advance, the warning period will commence from the date of posting and extend through May 15, 2024, providing ample notice for compliance.

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