Plummer Park community gardens will open this month


West Hollywood is preparing to open its long-awaited community gardens at Plummer Park.

The city’s Public Facilities Commission will receive an update today on the progress of the interim Community Garden Program. The briefing, led by the Recreation Services Division, will detail the construction status of the garden, the allocation of garden plots and upcoming community events related to the project.

The recommendation suggests that the commission will be briefed about the temporary establishment of the community garden, which has been in discussion since early last year following significant changes in local land use.

In March 2023, the city was informed that the lease agreement for the property at 1201 – 1207 Detroit Street would be terminated to make way for a new housing project. This notification prompted city staff to search for alternative privately owned lots suitable for the establishment of a new community garden.

The search culminated in a decision during a July 2023 commission meeting, where a plan was adopted to establish a temporary garden on the Fuller Avenue side of Plummer Park, following a vote of 5 to 1 in favor. This decision was further developed in the subsequent Plummer Park Ad Hoc Committee meeting held on August 22, 2023. The committee discussed both immediate and long-term visions for Plummer Park, with a focus on maximizing gardening spaces by considering additional areas like the North Parking lot for garden beds.

By the September 18, 2023, City Council meeting, city staff had three conceptual layouts ready for the Community Garden Program. Council approved all three, each featuring elevated planter beds to add 23 more spots for potential gardeners.


As of now, the Recreation Services Division, with support from the Facilities and Field Services Division, is nearing the completion of the gardens, which will serve 19 current and 24 new gardeners from a waitlist. Updates regarding the progress of the garden, important lease dates, and planter bed assignments are being communicated regularly to those involved.

The upcoming garden’s lease agreements are set to include a two-year term limit and will restrict eligibility to West Hollywood residents only. A soft opening of the garden is scheduled for this  month, with a grand opening planned for June 2024.

Andrea Yanez, Recreation Coordinator at the City of West Hollywood, has been in touch with both current and future gardeners via email, urging them to submit proof of residency to finalize the licensing process and prepare for the garden’s opening 

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Reading Rainbow
Reading Rainbow
16 days ago

How about letting the pot shops use these pool tables to plant weed? Just a thought.

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