WEHOonline and LA Independent forge cooperative partnership


WEHOonline community news is partnering with the LA Independent newspaper to bring the top stories of the day in West Hollywood to its readers. 

The informal arrangement has progressed very well over the past month. The LA Independent featured headline stories from WEHOonline about the city’s new gay nightlife scene and our interview with congressional candidate Laura Friedman.

We gave them full access to all stories and now we will begin discussing broadening our relationship to include our advertisers.   

“We want to deliver a value added local product and the LA Independent fits nicely in our approach to cover news in an independent, open manner that also includes our residents,” WEHOonline publisher Larry Block said.

This week, the LA Independent featured an entry by West Seegmiller from our “Dear WeHo” series.


The partnership enhances our reach and gives us an opportunity to be even more hyper-local in our approach to the news. 



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23 days ago

You guys are doing awesome things! And thanks for sharing the article 🙂

29 days ago

Good luck with your partnership.

Steve Martin
Steve Martin
25 days ago
Reply to  Joshua88

Ideally this will be a creative cross pollination that will enhance both publications and enrich your readership.

Carleton cro9nin
29 days ago

In a time of constant blurring of facts on social media , an ill-informed
public is a menace to democracy. The more local news available to the public is a great aid in understanding our culture, our neighbors and our politics – and, as Tip O’Neil once stated : “All politics is local.” Best of luck with the association…

29 days ago

Wonderful news.

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