Sküt’s ‘Temple of Queer’ exalts the pride rainbow


WeHo artist Sküt’s latest creation is a futuristic, candy-colored shrine to the rainbow flag and the legacy of pride it stands for.

The Experimental Prototype Temple Of Queer (EPTOQ) is an immersive gallery pop-up that invites visitors on a journey through the original eight colors of Gilbert Baker’s flag design for the LGBTQ+ community. It’s part of the innovative “ART-TEASE” exhibition hosted at the iconic Circus of Books in West Hollywood, which marries art technology and queer culture. The exhibition is free and runs until June 28.

Sküt’s exhibit not only highlights the history and significance of the Pride flag but also reinterprets it through a contemporary lens, blending art and technology to create a space that celebrates the queer experience. Visitors can expect to see a selection of Happiness Hearts, the poignant #YouAreNotAlone series, and the Unicorn Origami rainbow sculpture, which draws inspiration from the sci-fi classic, Blade Runner.

The “ART-TEASE” experience includes a diverse array of erotic artworks, boundary-pushing fashion exhibits, and immersive installations designed to provoke thought and stimulate the senses. 


Sküt’s pieces hold a prominent place in the West Hollywood artscape, such as his mural at the Mondrian and the logo he designed for Mayor John M. Erickson’s inauguration.

Apart from his art, Sküt a.k.a. Scott Lewallen is a designer and marketer of identities for products and mobile apps. A co-founder of Grindr, he significantly contributed to the app’s branding and user interface. He later Mezic Media, a consultancy that collaborates with various industries, particularly focusing on the LGBT community. 


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16 days ago

I will go. What dates does the show run through?

16 days ago

Seems like a really interesting guy

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