UPDATE: City budget finally available to public as it heads toward approval


UPDATE 1:09 PM: The documents are now online for your review (or at least one of them is). Hurry! 🙂 

The city’s budget for fiscal years 2024/2025 and 2025/2026 is about to presented to City Council at their meeting tonight — but it’s still not available to the public.

“The City of West Hollywood’s 2024-25 & 2025-26 Operating Budget and Capital Work Plan (Two-Year Budget) is a policy document which establishes how the City will allocate funds to address its evolving priorities and strategic goals,” the staff report says.

The documents are supposed to be available to the public “as an interactive digital budget book. The digital budget book can be easily printed to PDF for readers who prefer a traditional paper. The preliminary digital budget book will be available on the City’s website at www.weho.org/budget.”

Alas, you’ll find only the 2023-2024 version there.

The city has mere hours to allow the public to review this crucial document with time to comment at tonight’s City Council meeting. 

Council is expected to approve the budget at their June 24 meeting. 


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Andrew Solomon
Andrew Solomon
13 days ago

My understanding is that the budget is not being approved tonight, just presented. It’s being approved at the next council meeting on June 24th. However, it needs to be on the agenda for two separate meetings, first tonight on the Consent Calendar and then at the next meeting as Unfinished Business. This is the same protocol they’ve followed in the past.

John Arnold
John Arnold
13 days ago


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