h.wood Group gives glimpse of new club ‘Keys’


Ahead of its July 2024 opening, the h.wood Group has released new renderings of what their next nightlife venue will look like.

Keys, located at 9039 Sunset Boulevard, will be 12,420-square-foot establishment bringing a blend of history, glamour and high-energy entertainment to LA’s party scene, paying homage to the iconic Key Club.

Keys’ tri-level design offers a unique experience for every visitor, featuring a main dance floor, nostalgic arcade games, and a poker table. The venue combines modern aesthetics with vintage charm.

Keys marks The h.wood Group’s first dedicated venture into the electronic music scene. Known for developing popular LA venues like Delilah and Bootsy Bellows, they have carefully crafted every detail to reimagine the traditional nightclub experience. The second floor features premium, opera box-style balconies, providing exclusive views of the performances.

The venue will include LED displays covering the ceiling, blacklight piano keys embedded in the wallpaper, and visuals by Production Club. A fiber optic system will allow for livestreamed performances, and a bespoke sound system from L-Acoustics, designed by Demetrius Moore, Drake’s longtime front-of-house sound engineer, will offer a 360-degree listening experience with A15i speakers and SB18s 2i subwoofers on the main level.


“We are thrilled to finally introduce Keys to Sunset Boulevard,” said Brian Toll and John Terzian, co-founders of The h.wood Group. “As a brand, we really embody Los Angeles, and all that it stands for. Our goal is to honor the revered venues that previously occupied this space while reinvigorating the Strip’s rich musical history. We aim to inform the next golden era of Los Angeles’ live music scene and further immortalize the city’s iconic nightlife culture.”

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