Courtney Stodden Won’t Pole Dance at the Abbey :(


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She’s not old enough to buy a drink, but that didn’t stop reality TV star and aspiring singer Courtney Stodden from planning to bring her own version of “Reality” to the Abbey in West Hollywood next Wednesday (Nov. 21). Stodden is perhaps as famous for marrying, at 16, a man 35 years her elder as for her appearances with hubby Doug Hutchison on the VH1 reality television series Couples Therapy to discuss their relationship problems. (What relationship problems could a girl barely out of high school have with a man eligible for AARP membership?) Hutchison, for whom Courtney is wife No. 3, claims he didn’t know Stoddard was a young ‘un when they began their four-month romance over the internet. Now all of 18, Courtney was to sing “Reality,” a song she wrote, and do some pole dancing at the Abbey. But SBE, owner of the Abbey, abruptly cancelled her show. We’re waiting for an explanation. (We’re wondering if Justin Bieber, all of 18 himself, will replace her. Just sayin’.

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