PHOTOS: Week 8 Shots From WeHo Dodgeball


The WeHo Dodgeball league competes on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the West Hollywood Recreation Center. Below, get scores, standings and Week 8 photos from photographer Jon Viscott.

Week 8 Results:

The Amanda Nines 4, Tasteful Side Boob 2

Breaking Balls 5, Relax, It’s Just Dodgeball 2

Easy A’s 4, The Wrath of Anh 2

Vicious and Delicious 7, Ball That! 0

ANUSTART 6, Camp Dodgawana 2

#whitepeopleproblems 5, World War D 2

Current standings:

Easy A’s 8-0

Vicious and Delicious 7-1

The Amanda Nines 7-1

Breaking Balls 6-2


#whitepeopleproblems 4-3-1

World War D 3-5

The Wrath of Anh 2-5-1

Relax, It’s Just Dodgeball 2-5-1

Camp Dodgawana 1-7

Tasteful Side Boob 1-7

Ball That! 0-8

weho dodgeball
Ali Borden and Tasteful Side Boob.
weho dodgeball
David Neyman.
weho dodgeball
Head ref Nina Fiore.
weho dodgeball
Josh Bevier.
weho dodgeball
Sean Little and Rick Ryan.
weho dodgeball
Relax, It’s Just Dodgeball.
weho dodgeball
Breaking Balls.
weho dodgeball
Cody Enicke and Tasteful Side Boob.
weho dodgeball
Dani Brian.
weho dodgeball
Elvina Beck.
weho dodgeball
The Amanda Nines.
weho dodgeball
Code Enicke.
weho dodgeball
Jordan Forman.
weho dodgeball
Nick Law.
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