Varsity Gay League’s Kickball Season Wraps Up Week 5

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Kicking it in Week 5 of Varsity Gay League’s kickball season.

It was one hot weekend. But nothing slows down Varsity Gay League‘s kickball teams. Here are the results from this weekend’s games in Week Five of the season (with more photos on the pages that follow.)

Rock N Roll League on Saturday:

New Kicks beat Balls are the New Black 5-1
Scream Queens beat Kick Tease 14-8
St. Olaf Cougars beat Spice Balls 4-1
Jealous of our Boogie beat Huevos Con Chorizo 12-10
Suck my Kick beat Heads Will Roll 21-0
The Misfits beat Fresh Balls of Bel-Air 6-5
Iggy Ballzalea beat the Real Pitches of VGL 16-5
The Lubricated Marys beat One Kick Wonders 10-5

Champions League on Sunday:

TBD beat Socal Social Club 14-1
We Woke Up Like This beat Shady Bishes 10-0
Stiff Competition beat Lezonya 3-2
We Woke Up Like This beat Pitches N Hoes 11-1
Bloody Marys beat Backdoor Sliders 11-3

Take a look on the pages that follow at what you missed:

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