Will L.A. Be Smitten with Kittens if This Cool Cat Can Brew Up a ‘Catfé’

A Kickstarter campaign aims to raise funds for a "catfe" in Los Angeles.
A Kickstarter campaign aims to raise funds for a “catfe” in Los Angeles.

West Hollywood may have gone to the dogs—in the sense that canines are the four-legged friend of choice—but what about the cats?

While some WeHo residents lobby for dog parks, the cat’s meow for felines may be the “catfe” that a Los Angeles man named Carlos Wong is working to fund via Kickstarter.

What’s a catfe? Well, the word is a mashup of cat and café. Wong’s website explains the concept like this:

Catfe is more than just your regular cafe. We are here to shake a furry paw at the current state of animal awareness and care.

Our dedication lies with our cats and our guests. We will be housing cats from local shelters and pampering them as if they were in kitty nirvana. As well as promoting daily adoptable cats to make sure no kitten gets left behind.

Your experience at Catfe will surely be one to tell the grand kittens.

So …  you sip a cuppa joe, grab a snack and, if you’d like, hang out with cats—cats who could potentially end up going home with you.


The Kickstarter campaign has a long way to go. However, according to the Westside Gay Geeks Meetup group, Wong will operate a “pop-up” catfe Oct. 2-5 at Far East Plaza, 727 N. Broadway, in Los Angeles.

“This pop-up event is a partnership between Wong and Chinatown BID and Best Friends LA (a no-kill shelter),” the event listing says. “Guests to the cafe will be able to pet cats and interact with costumed maids and butlers. If you fall in love with a furry buddy and are over 18, you can adopt him or her …The catfé will be open all 4 days, from 4pm to 9pm each day.”

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9 years ago

Where will this pop-up be located?

Staff Report
9 years ago
Reply to  Alison

Far East Plaza, 727 N. Broadway, in Los Angeles.

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