Car Break-Ins Pushed Up WeHo’s February Crime Rate


West Hollywood Crime February 2016

The crime rate on West Hollywood’s Westside continued to grow in February according to statistics from the WeHo Sheriff’s Station.

The information, which was presented to the city’s Public Safety Commission, showed incidents of serious crime on the Westside up 54% last month compared to February 2015. The biggest increase was in vehicle burglaries, which went from one reported instance in February 2015 to 10 last month. January’s crime statistics showed a 28% increase in serious crime on the Westside, with vehicle burglaries responsible for the biggest increase that month as well.

Overall, serious crime incidents were up 10% this February over February 2015, with the jump in vehicle burglaries responsible for much of that. Such burglaries increased from six in February last year to 22 last month. The city’s Eastside saw an increase in vehicle burglaries (from one to six) while the Center City area showed a slight decrease (10 to nine).

Petty theft, defined as theft of an item worth $950 or less, accounted for the largest number of crimes overall, with 41 incidents citywide last month. That is a slight decrease from 45 in February 2015. The largest number of petty theft incidents (18) occurred on the city’s Westside.

Representatives of the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station have constantly reminded residents not to leave valuables behind when they leave their cars parked on the street. Even items that don’t seem to be of great value might prompt a break-in.

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Ruth Williams
Ruth Williams
8 years ago

Chris is right, plus the fact my issue has always been one of personal responsibility, 99% of the break-ins are because people have left visible items in their car, laptops, phones, etc. it’s an open invitation for a break-in.

Chris Sanger
Chris Sanger
8 years ago

Note on car break ins: In neighborhood meetings, residents have told most of these come from unlocked cars, and the #1 thing stolen is the parking permit placard (which is why I have always had a sticker)

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