New Orleans Mayoral Candidate Learns That What Happens in WeHo Doesn’t Stay in WeHo


In his testimony during the trial of former City Council deputy Michelle Rex’s lawsuit against the City of West Hollywood, City Councilmember John Duran rebuked questions from Rex’s lawyer about his sexual behavior by noting: This is West Hollywood, not West Covina.

True. But that said, visitors to the Creative City should realize it isn’t Las Vegas. What happens in WeHo doesn’t necessarily stay here.

The latest example of that is the arrest of a New Orleans mayoral candidate on a misdemeanor count of lewd conduct for allegedly masturbating during an Uber ride from West Hollywood to Santa Monica.

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Frank Scurlock

Frank Scurlock is accused of exposing himself during the ride, which began in West Hollywood on Feb. 10, according to Santa Monica Chief Deputy City Attorney Terry White. Scurlock is scheduled to be arraigned Oct. 16 at the Airport Branch Courthouse.

Scurlock issued a statement Friday to television station WDSU in New Orleans saying, “The allegations brought against me are without merit. It has been many months since this alleged incident occurred. I await my day in court and expect to be vindicated.”

Scurlock told the station he had been drinking the night in question with other friends from New Orleans and did not remember much about what had happened, other than waking up in back of the car and being asked to leave.


White told the New Orleans Advocate — which first reported the story — that the female Uber driver was driving on a freeway when she heard sounds coming from the back seat of the vehicle. She pulled over and opened the door, allegedly finding Scurlock masturbating, prompting her to order him out of the vehicle, White told the paper. She called police from a gas station, but Scurlock left the scene.

Scurlock’s arraignment is scheduled two days after the New Orleans mayoral primary.

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