Neighbors Helping Neighbors Recover From Sunday’s Vandalism and Looting

A group cleaning the facade of a business on Fairfax Avenue (Photo courtesy of Marc Romero)

People are justifiably upset by the looting and vandalism that took place on Fairfax and Melrose avenues and Beverly Boulevard after the George Floyd demonstrations on Sunday.

Now that the criminals have fled, with small business owners’ merchandise packed in their cars and trucks, neighbors have emerged to help the neighbors that are their business community.

Marc Romero captured images of neighbors helping neighbors in his recent tour of the area. ” I just wanted to take some time to recognize those who helped out yesterday to clean up WeHo after the unfortunate riots,” he said, referring to the neighborhoods on the city’s southern border that we call a part of Greater WeHo.  “I walked around yesterday to witness those coming together to help their neighbors. I … wanted to show the positive side of this tragic event

Romero generously granted WEHOville to publish the photos in the hope that they would warm the hearts of others distressed by the recent violence.

Three men cleaning the facade of a building on Beverly Boulevard near the Shell gas station. (Photo courtesy of Marc Romero)
Man cleaning the sidewalk on Beverly Boulevard (Photo courtesy of Marc Romero)
Two men carrying brooms on Martel near Beverly (Photo courtesy of Marc Romero)
A couple with brooms ready to start work (Photo courtesy of Marc Romero)
A woman with her child cleaning the sidewalk on Beverly Boulevard (Photo courtesy of Marc Romero)
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James Francis
James Francis
3 years ago

Isn’t this so disheartening where people seeking to clean a neighborhood tried their best with babies and brooms in hand just to get a semblance of normality and Everyone of every race came together to at least assess the damage and clean the sidewalks of broken glass and debris, clean the graffiti and discarded loot and trash, the best they could. I as a former resident north of Melrose and Sierra Bonita in West Hollywood and now in center city weho thank you for taking the day out of your lives and schedule to care for your neighbors and the… Read more »

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