Friday Numbers Continue to Decline, but Rate of Decline is Leveling Off


COVID numbers in Los Angeles County continue to decline on Friday, but the rate of decline is leveling off, causing officials concern.

“We’re still seeing 1,500 to 2,000 cases a day,” said Dr. Paul Simon, chief  science officer for Los Angeles County Department of Public Health. “That indicates a pretty significant level of ongoing community spread of the virus, so that’s unfortunate.”

Simon stressed that the numbers still aren’t low enough to suggest that people can go back to normalcy.

According to Simon, a total of 1,958,547 doses of COVID-19 vaccines had been administered in the county as of Friday, including 1,358,050 first doses and 600,497 second doses.

Although vaccine supplies remain limited, county health officials expressed hope that conditions will improve dramatically now that the single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine has received federal approval.

There are 1,886 people currently in the hospital in Los Angeles County according to county health officials. That’s 102 fewer people in the hospital than on Thursday when there were 1,988 people hospitalized. 


The county’s all-time high for COVID hospitalizations occurred on Jan. 7, when there were 8,098 people hospitalized.

There are 550 people currently in the ICU according to the state. The county’s total ICU capacity is about 2,500 beds.

County health officials announced 144 more COVID-related deaths on Friday. The overall death toll in LA County to 21,241 people.

The highest number of COVID deaths in a single day in the county is 318 deaths, recorded on Jan. 8, while the second highest is 316 deaths, which occurred on Jan. 30.

LA County reported 1,838 new COVID-19 cases on Friday. The county now has a cumulative total of 1,189,232 cases since the pandemic began in March.

To date, almost 5.81 million people have been tested for the coronavirus since the pandemic began. Thursday’s daily positivity rate was 2.9%.

West Hollywood recorded no new cases on Friday. In fact, the health department found that it had attributed one case and one death to people in West Hollywood, who in actuality did not live within the city’s boundaries. Thus, WeHo’s numbers have been adjusted downward. The new cumulative total is now 2,107 cases, one less than before.

The city had no new deaths. The cumulative death total, taking away the one that was not a WeHo resident, is now 31 deaths.

Below are the numbers for areas near West Hollywood:

  • Beverly Hills – no new cases for a total of 2,456 cases and 32 deaths.
  • Carthay neighborhood – no new cases for a total of 874 cases and 56 deaths.
  • Century City – 1 new case for a total of 565 cases and 12 deaths.
  • Culver City – 4 new cases for a total of 2,079 cases and 88 deaths.
  • Hollywood – 1 new case for a total of 5,151 cases and 60 deaths.
  • Melrose neighborhood – 18 new cases total of 7,759 cases and 192 deaths.
  • Miracle Mile – no new cases for a total of 894 cases and 16 deaths.
  • Park La Brea – no new cases for a total of 558 cases and 1 death.
  • Santa Monica – 8 new cases for a total of 4,313 cases and 147 deaths.

The Carthay neighborhood incorporates the areas of Los Angeles between the Beverly Hills city limits and Fairfax Avenue, with Beverly Boulevard as the northern border and Wilshire Boulevard as the southern border. 

The Melrose neighborhood incorporates the areas of Los Angeles east of La Cienega and west of Vermont Avenue, between Santa Monica Boulevard on the north and Beverly Boulevard on the south.

For information about the many resources available to West Hollywood residents who have been impacted by COVID-19,  CLICK HERE.

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