Craig Berberian honored with ‘Ed Levin’ award at State of the City event


Craig Berberian, founding partner of the Empire Property Group, was honored this past week with the Ed Levin Award at this year’s State of the City event. The second annual Ed Levin Award seeks to honor excellence in design and development and commitment to the West Hollywood community.

The award was presented by David Wood, this year’s Chair of the West Hollywood Chamber of Commerce.

Berberian accepted the award humbly, saying, “I am sincerely honored to have received the Ed Levin Award for Design Excellence from our Creative City. This prestigious recognition inspires me and Empire Property Group to continue pushing the boundaries of design, creativity, and innovation. Adopting a resident-first approach coupled with a sustainable lens has the power to transform living spaces and enhance the lives of our residents. This award reaffirms our commitment to creating impactful projects that reflect the vibrant spirit of West Hollywood. It also serves as a continuous motivator to not lose sight of serving our incredible community no matter the challenges and circumstances.”

“I appreciate the unwavering support and dedication of West Hollywood’s energetic Mayor, innovative City Council, and dynamic Chamber of Commerce who help foster a thriving community that attracts many to live, work, and play here. West Hollywood continues to be a city of vitality, culture, and community because of these dedicated individuals at the helm who understand the importance of collaboration and forward-thinking. Their efforts make it possible for businesses like us to prosper and contribute to the city’s unique character. Together, we will continue to elevate the standard of design excellence.”

The State of the City luncheon is an annual fundraiser held by the West Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and was hosted by the 1 Hotel.

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