Girl Bar Celebrates Its 25th Anniversary as Other WeHo Lesbian Nights Fade

girl bar, the abbey, robin gans, sandy sachs
Girl Bar at The Abbey

In a city where 40 percent of the population consists of gay men and only five percent, by some estimates, is made up of lesbians, nightlife options in WeHo for women who love women are fading away.

First there was the closing last year of the Palms Bar on Santa Monica Boulevard near West Knoll, the only nightspot totally focused on a lesbian audience. Then there’s the recent news that Here Lounge has decided to stop hosting Truck Stop, a lesbian-themed Friday night for six years.

That’s all the more reason for women who love women and their friends to show up tonight at the Abbey for the 25th anniversary of Girl Bar, a night hosted by its co-creator, Robin Gans. Gans and Sandy Sachs created Girl Bar in 1990 in response to what they saw as a need for upscale nightlife for the lesbian community. Gans and Sachs also are producers of the annual lesbian extravaganza known as Dinah Shore Weekend in Palm Springs. Gans has been called a poster girl for “lipstick lesbians” because of her events. She’s also a successful psychologist whose practice is focused on helping clients with gay identity issues.

Meanwhile, Linda Fusco and Michelle Agnew of Fuse Events are looking for a new venue for their Truck Stop girls night.

truck stop, linda fusco, here loungeThey expressed their disappointment with Here’s decision to replace their long-running Friday event with a “gay boy night” in a post on Facebook.

“We are deeply saddened that this has happened to the only Friday event catered to gay women on a weekly basis in West Hollywood,” the post reads. “There has always been a hierarchy when it comes to gay events in West Hollywood, and unfortunately our long struggle to hold a place for women in the community has come to an end. Once again, the women will be pushed elsewhere. Sadly, this decision by Here Lounge will hurt a lot of people in the community (girls and boys) who come together to enjoy Truck Stop.”


At tonight’s Girl Bar anniversary event patrons can get photos taken with Gans and Sachs (and the GB2 gogo girls) from 10 to 11 PM. DJ’s Kimberly S, Dawna Montell and Mike Bryant will be performing. The Abbey is located on North Robertson Boulevard just south of Santa Monica.

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