WeHo Vehicle Burglaries Were Up 130% in June


Vehicle burglaries in West Hollywood shot up by 130% in June 2017 as compared to the same month in 2016, but overall serious crimes were down 4%.

The data is part of a monthly report by the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station that chronicles “Part I” or serious crimes.

There were 53 vehicle burglaries in June compared to 23 the same month last year. The largest number of those — 28 — took place in the city’s West Side, where the number was up by 115%. The largest percentage increase was on the East Side, where the 15 vehicle burglaries represented a 200% increase from the five in June 2016. The Center City area experienced 10 such burglaries, up 100% over the five in June of last year.

Vehicle burglaries were the leading type of serious crime, followed by petty theft, whose 46 incidents last month represented a decrease of 27% from June 2016. Petty crime is defined as theft of property valued at $950 or less.

Strong arm robberies were the only other category of crime that was up across the city. The report shows eight last month compared to seven in 2016, an increase of 14%. There were four such robberies on the city’s East Side and three on the West Side.


The city’s West Side, the location of many of its bars and clubs, saw a major decline in aggravated assault, with only two reported incidents as compared to eight in June 2016. Petty theft was down 42%, from 24 incidents to 14, on the city’s East Side.

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6 years ago

No one who has their belongings stolen from the interior of their autos has nothing to complain about. How difficult is it to place them in the autos interior or take it with you. Just pure stupidity!!

I observed this past week night a person slowly riding around the Melrose / La Peer area going from one side of the street to the other. It appeared to me he was looking for cars to break into. I notified a sheriff near the Abby but am unaware if he investigated.

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